No education without teachers

In a country where education is a privilege and not a basic right, it is no surprise that teachers are under trained and under valued in Pakistan. With salaries of approximately 1,300 teachers in Sindh being withheld for political reasons, it is clear that we take our educators for granted.

Teachers are responsible for the education of our children, for ensuring they are taught not only their courses but also how to be good, responsible people. They are the people teaching children and imparting knowledge in their most impressionable years. And they are who direct and guide the youth with what they teach. Teachers play a pivotal role in a child’s life, yet, their importance is constantly undermined.

These individuals, who are in charge of ensuring that our children grow up to be learned, well rounded students and human beings are not only mistreated but also mostly untrained. Around 50% of all students in Pakistan, which amounts to approximately 35,000 children, drop out of schools every year as a result of being beaten by their teachers. Furthermore, it is estimated that Pakistan needs an additional 525,000 teachers to achieve universal primary education by 2015, as required by goal 2 of the Millennium Development Goals.

In order to improve and promote our education system, the first step is to make sure we have adequate, trained teachers who are capable of teaching Pakistan’s next generation.


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